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The Judge “review” - Entertainment Weekly (August 22, 2014)

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Can we please talk about how Robert addresses his fans by their names?

He knows what he does to us. (x)

He knows what he does to us. (x)

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Happy Birthday, BFF!

19. Dude, you’re getting old.

You guys don’t understand. Robert is driving one of my favorite cars ever. If possible, I love him even more.

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Do you ever just look at Robert Downey Jr. and say, “Stop it.”

Re: ‘The Judge’ screenplay summary/review. 


Last year around this time, it was announced that RDJ wasn’t going to be in Inherent Vice, a project that I had been waiting for since his tentative participation was announced three years ago.

I was pissed. In fact, I fucking whined. It was as though I felt RDJ owes me an explanation for any career decision that he makes.  

Of course he doesn’t (I’m not that delusional). It’s just that when you’re such a huge fan, you get a little too emotionally invested in said actor’s career. And, you know, I adore the guy, warts and all, and I want to see him continue to do well. I’ve been particularly desperate to see him in non-franchise films.  

At that time, what we knew of The Judge was a bare gist of a synopsis, i.e., city lawyer comes back home after a death in family. Needless to say I wasn’t enthused; it sounded very generic and I wished he had dropped it instead.  

(This was all even though I had read that it was actually one of the most popular scripts in Hollywood of the past year.)

Anyway, some nice person following this blog took pity on me and sent me a copy, said that it’s actually good.

NOTE: The only reason why I haven’t posted the script for everyone to download, and I don’t intend to spread it around as such, is because I don’t think it would be in Team Downey’s best interest to do so.  

(So if you do have a copy, please keep most of it to yourself.)

The next best thing, to me, is a script review.  So here it is.

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when your favorite celebrity is not only an amazing actor but more importantly a truly good person

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